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Why you need to invest in an SEO strategy

Have you ever wondered how businesses reach the top spot in a Google search result? 

It's not easily done, in fact, the businesses who rank in those spots are businesses who invest in an SEO strategy.

Search engines like Google, use complicated algorithms to determine search rankings, these algorithms are consistently updated to help users find better more relevant online content. There are hundreds of factors that these algorithms account for when ranking the value of a website and these days it takes an SEO expert to help websites stand out from their competitors.  

Think about it, you have this remarkable product or service and you’re probably ready to grow and succeed. Achieving this starts with having a strong marketing strategy to sell and promote your brand. And an investment in SEO is an investment in a marketing strategy that gets you found on Google.

SEO works

Your website is your only  'employee' that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and SEO is what will get your ‘best employee and salesperson” found. Google’s complicated algorithm means that there are hundreds of guidelines and factors that influence search results. And considering that 75% of search engine users don’t look past page one, ranking high for a search term is integral to your growth and success.

When you apply SEO strategy you make your website easy for search engines to understand, that means that they know exactly what each page on your website is about and that increases your relevance in search results. Getting to the top 3 is only achieved with an ever evolving SEO strategy. SEO begins with the technical design of your website and extends to all content present on your site.

SEO is how more people find your business online

Most consumers, we’re talking about 80 to 90%, go online to review a business or product before they make a purchase. Search engines are the key factor in this search and SEO is how you can make sure that you get found.

When you optimize on-page content and the structure of your website with a targeted SEO strategy you automatically make it easier to be found. SEO allows you to attract what we call relevant traffic, those potential customers who are most likely to contract your services or purchase your product.

Your competitors are investing in SEO

When you type in a search term relevant to your business, are your competitors showing up above you or ranking on the first page? If so, that is a great sign that they have invested in an SEO strategy. If you aren’t ranking on a search term and you don’t start doing something about it, your competition will just continue to move forward without you.

Even your paid campaigns need a foundation

I bet you’d be surprised to hear that SEO provides better value for your business than PPC, yes, even if you are already running successful PPC campaigns. SEO takes time whereas PPC’s strength lies in speed and reach. But SEO is a long term strategy and does more for your business than provide a temporary bump. Think of SEO as your solid foundation, the part of your internet strategy that will continue to bring in qualified leads over an extended period of time. 

A targeted SEO strategy heavily influences how search engines look at your website and can totally transform how your business performs online. You may have a new website that just isn't seeing traffic or an old one that is no longer driving the leads it used to. If this sounds like your online experience, connect with Hughes & Co. We love to talk SEO and we can show you how we help businesses reach the top of Google.  

Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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