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Why it's important that your website speaks to your customers

Does your website speak about your business or does it speak to your customer? You may be wondering what even is the difference?

I will give you an example, winter is coming up and I’d imagine that some of you need to purchase a new set of winter tires for your vehicle. This means that you need to find a auto shop where you can purchase tires and have them put on on. Let’s say that you Google “winter tires specialists” and you land on a tire-focused website. The content on this website only tells you about the people that work in the shop, their credentials, how they’re awesome at what they do and where they are located, but they fail to tell you anywhere on the site that they have the tire you need and are able to put those tires on for you.

Are you going to move forward and ask for more information from this business? Or will you keep searching for a specialist who does tell you that they can provide the services you want and need?


When you land on a website, it should clearly state what products or services that business offers. Take Hughes & Co. as an example, when you visit our homepage you will learn that we are “a marketing agency focused on scalable growth for ambitious businesses.” Dig deeper into our service offerings and we break down what we can do for business from search engine optimization to inbound marketing strategies.

Your website should be used to tell your visitors how your product or service can solve their problem. It should then further be used to build trust in their decision to use those services and products with supporting information like how awesome you and your employees are.


Head over to this gorgeous website project, Tailored Luxury Concierge, and you’ll quickly learn that they are “your personal assistant, personal shopper… your have it all solution.”  

On you will see how they quickly and distinctly use language to sell their information sharing software platform.

Haste and Hustle doesn’t miss a beat in their effort to establish themselves as Canada’s Most Anticipated Marketing Event and over on Tails Niagara, the site uses multiple strategies to communicate their pet sitting, dog walking and at home pet care services.

When visitors know how you can help them solve their problems they will be willing to explore your site more. Think of your website the way you do your sales conversations. Those are product and service focused, yes you resonate with your prospects, but if what you’re offering isn’t what they need, the sale will never happen. The best way to sell digitally is to make sure your website speaks to your customers.  For more thoughts on how to properly position your website to drives leads and sales click here.

Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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