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4 reasons you need to build a photography bank (and the key to starting)

The benefits of posting original content are kind of a no brainer. But in case you haven’t heard, website visitors are 45% more likely to convert when confronted with original photography on a website opposed to stock imagery. So when you need to update your website photography or grab images for social media posts, where do you go?

If you’re not pulling original content every time, we recommend building a photography bank to keep your brand image fresh and authentic. A photography bank is a frequently updated collection original photography that you can pull content from because, well, you’re constantly contributing to it. To better understand the importance of a healthy photography bank, check out of top reasons you should consider building yours asap:

Benefits of a photography bank

Never draw on stock pictures again

Tired of using the same images of landscapes and over-emoting stock images characters? So, are you social media followers. We know the convenience of grabbing a stock image from the internet when you're in a time crunch and just need to fill that image slot. But what is the point of pushing out content if you’re pushing out bad content? Stock imagery is easily recognizable and, as a result, does not get as much engagement as original photography. Say good-bye to ineffective stock imagery when you build your original photography bank with a professional photographer.

Your content is seasonal and fresh

When you have incoming content every quarter, you know you are staying relevant to the season, to your industry and that the photography has never been used before. Relevancy in your content is key if you want your brand to be relevant to prospects. Along the same lines, content that is overused will bore your social followers or even frustrate those who see the same images over and over.

You can put out more content

A fully-stocked photography bank means you have content to draw on to get your social media engagement metrics up. A healthy quantity of high-quality and edited photos ready to go will give you the freedom to post whenever you like. If you need to post more often to promote a product special or big news in your company, a photography bank will give you the ability to pull from fresh content as you need it instead of trying to stretch one or two outdated images far as they will possibly go.

Stand out with original content

If you have been using old content or stock imagery, you can bet your competition has been doing it too. And if not, it’s time to step up your game. Original photography at the click of a button will make your brand stand out for its authenticity and transparency in your online presence - a commodity for consumers in a digital age. Not only will your social media accounts and website boast one-of-a-kind imagery, but they will also make your products, location and company more recognizable when clients see your products on the shelf, come across your advertising when they’re out and about or visit your site location. The more connections prospects have with your brand in their daily lives, the more likely they are to get to know your company.

How to build a photography bank?

Seasonal photography packages

When you are working with a marketing agency that offers in-house photography services, you can build photography right into your content marketing plan. At H&C Inc. we recommend a seasonal photography package that keeps your content relevant 365 days a year. With a seasonal photography package, you’re getting fresh photography every quarter. So whether you’re launching new products or your outdoor site gets a gorgeous new look when the seasons change, your content marketing will always be relevant. And when your content is relevant, so are you.

At. H&C Inc. cutting edge photography is just a part of what we do. We recently adding photography services to our long list of expertise so we can bring the best quality of marketing to our clients all in one convenient place. If you’re ready to get ahead of your competitors with relevant, one-of-a-kind content, connect with us today to build photography into your annual retainer services.

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AUTHOR: Abbey Hills

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