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Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery is a jaw-dropping hospitality property in the heart of Ontario's Niagara Region. You may be familiar with this area, it is also where Hughes & Co. calls home. We took over the marketing initiatives for Ravine about a month ago, following a comprehensive onboarding where we learned so much about the rich history that aligns this growing business. If you smell a blog post in the making, you're right on the money. We'll link it up here when we have all of our historical data ironed out!

Hughes & Co. was engaged by Ravine because digital sales are a top priority for the brand. In our local market, there are no other data driven agencies with the capacity and sales capability that we bring to the table. We were a natural partner for their aggressive growth plans. As we have begun our strategy we have seen remarkable upticks in various metrics that indicate that this industry is just scratching the surface of intelligent digital strategy. Their site is a stunner, built by another local agency, and we are thrilled to take it for a spin. Buckle up!

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The first order of business was an email marketing template that met the needs of the story their metrics were telling. This is the defining quality of a successful email marketing strategy. The metrics will tell you what the audience wants... listen. So far we are up 20% over industry average and 8% from their previous strategy. We are one email in with optimization points that abound. Stay tuned to this page, we are going to keep you updated.


One of the most exciting pieces of the puzzle was the PPC opportunity that we saw with this brand. Everything they touch is beautiful. They worked with a branding house in Burlington, Ontario to develop a strong identity that is easy for us to leverage into beautiful digital content. This company got it right when they approached their branding conversation on round one. Invest early, enjoy the longevity.

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If you've worked with Hughes & Co., you know we are big fans of audience segmentation as a strong strategy component. We slice and dice a list of contacts into tiny niches and get busy creating intelligent content that meets their individual needs. We attribute our successful click-through to commerce rate on round one of this campaign to Ravine's new and strong segmentation approach. At this stage in the game, we are still learning the ropes with this client but the early signs of digital greatness have us chomping at the bit to get more content out, faster.




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