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DRT Custom Homes is a company known for cutting edge design in an industry saturated with status quo. Their clients go to them for superior attention to detail, their unique design style and their unparalleled attention to every need. Trustworthiness in the home building industry is paramount, DRT not only acknowledges this, but embodies it through every step of their process.

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"Hughes and Co. Has been truly amazing to work with.  From our first meeting with the team we knew we made the right choice.  We’ve been assigned to Alex who has the patience of an angel.  Right from the start she analyzed similar companies and gave us a report on each style with pros and cons and what would work for our site.  From there our vision came to life when each and every detail was incorporated into our beautiful site.  But like Allie said you can have the nicest looking website but without the proper search engine optimization details in place it will do nothing for you.

She was absolutely right!  The minute that our website was live our inquiries have sky rocketed and we’ve even been contacted by home design tv shows.  Thank you very much to the entire team at Hughes and Co. for their attention to detail, patience and dedication."

Isabella Burt
Partner, DRT Custom Homes





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