Karl Vanderkuip is a residential real estate agent in the St. Catharines / Niagara market. He has become known for his sense of humour, his dedication to family and balance, and for being one of the most reliable and results-oriented realtors in the market place. We have worked with Karl for the better part of four years, generating content for him and working to establish a strong digital presence for his brand. This has been a successful endeavour. That isn't what we want to show you. 

Four months ago, Karl moved all of his SEO work to the Hughes & Co. team, and the results of some clever market approach and focusing on keywords in an unconventional traffic strategy have been... incredible. We are going to show you what four months of on page SEO attention on periphery keywords can do for a brand, and what it has done for Karl.

Ramp up the content strategy

Find a new SEO approach

Get net new traffic by April

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    Screenshot on April 3, 2017 from Hubspot traffic sources report. 


Karl is a Hubspot user, and if you know anything about Hughes & Co., you'll know that it is our favourite all-in-one marketing platform. Hubspot for real estate can be the changemaker that an agent needs to handily capture all of their data in one place and turn it into useable metrics that can guide business decisions. Karl has been able to avail of these metrics, and moreso today than ever before.

The keyword approach we took was not to hit the high competition keywords that every realtor is going after. We started to look at other ways to net the same traffic. Our research revealed that the same users were searching in multiple ways. This knowledge led us to create a slow strategy on highly competitive keywords but to go hard for the less competitive ensuring high rank right out of the gate.

The visual you see here is Karl's organic traffic. It has grown substantially in low search months for numerous keywords across the board. In the interest of privacy and competitive edge we can't show you the lead count, but know that he is going to be a very busy dude this year.



Increase in Organic Traffic
(March 2016 - 2017)


Monthly Organic Traffic
since takeover


Increase in average monthly


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