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Why we love using video content on Facebook

As a business, it's very difficult to get great organic reach on Facebook.

This is because the Facebook algothrim famously favours family and friends, not brands.

That means that if you're like most brands, your organic reach on Facebook probably sits at about 2% of your followers, though this number will be higher if your followers actively share, engage with or like your posts.

That's the thing about Facebook, the only way to improve your organic reach and ensure that more eyeballs are landing on your content is to publish engagement-worthy content.

And there is no engagement-worthy content better than video.


The social media landscape has dramatically changed from a content perspective. Facebook is now outpacing YouTube for daily video views and Instagram Stories has outpaced SnapChat in video activity. Engagement and consumption on these social platforms is driven by video and that's why video should be the most important tool in your social content strategy.


The Facebook algorithm favours video, allowing it to receive higher reach than other brand related content, especially those videos that are natively uploaded to the platform.

One thing that you should know, is that Facebook considers YouTube competition, so sharing a link from YouTube will effect your reach. Another thing you should know? "Videos receive 186% higher engagement and 1000% more shares than any other content shared on Facebook."(source)


Now I know that this article is about organic reach but Facebook has an incredible amount of personal data and with that data a very powerful targeting ability through their advertising platform.

If you've created a video that is quite specific, for example to advertise an event, boosting an event to your target market has never been easier. For instance, if we created a video to advertise an upcoming WingFest event in our hometown. We could target families who live in Niagara who love to eat wings. Just like that you've got a very consumable video in front of the attendees you want to see. 

Not comfortable with producing video content? Neither was I, click here to read why that doesn't matter.  Your business needs to start investing in video content on Facebook to boost organic reach alone. A quick tip we can offer is that it doesn't have to be masterfully produced but it does have to have value. Get all that and more with affordable video production with H&C Inc. Let's talk about your new video marketing strategy today.

Alex Blackadder

AUTHOR: Alex Blackadder

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