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The biggest marketing influencer in the world is operating in Niagara

You’ve probably heard the term "marketing influencer" tossed around as of late. The way in which this term has come to be used in day to day speak is to describe a person of influence on social media. Katy Perry? Mega superstar, social influencer. Doug the Pug? Adorable dog, social influencer.

Before people, dogs, brands and their social media platforms became influencers, there was HubSpot. Today, HubSpot remains one of the world’s most innovative marketing influencers.

This is because the founders of HubSpot thought differently. They noticed that people rejected “interruptive marketing and sales tactics” and so they built their strategy on the exact opposite. They built a marketing strategy that looked to help businesses and people.


Inbound marketing focuses on humanizing marketing and sale tactics, it is a strategy that shows people and businesses how you (the brand or person) can help solve their unique pain points. It does this by positioning brands as personable, empathetic and most importantly human through content.

With this strategy in mind, HubSpot built software tools, tools that marketers and sales people need to succeed in the digital landscape. This is because these tools walk prospects through the inbound marketing process.

The inbound marketing methodology, if you don’t already know, defines a funnel that attracts prospects, converts leads, closes customers and retains lifelong brand ambassadors. This method is the best way to turn prospects and even strangers into customers.


Let’s start with HubSpot’s Content Management Software. This platform is a thing of beauty for marketers. It is a place to manage, track and analyze all digital marketing content this includes blogging, landing pages, email, marketing automation, lead intelligence, social media and SEO. When you are able to see how your content is performing and what pages of your website or social media posts are turning prospects into leads, your marketing simply gets better and smarter.   

Next, your sales team will love the CRM, it’s free, forever and helps manage your full lead pipeline. The HubSpot CRM provides deep insights, easy ways to stay organized and paints a clear picture of where your business stands at every stage of the sales cycle.



Only a short four years ago, our founder Allie Hughes, invested in becoming a HubSpot partner and turned Hughes & Co. into Niagara's first full fledged inbound marketing team. Hughes & Co. is now a Gold Partner with HubSpot and is proud to say that we were one of the first 200 agencies in the world to become a partner, a membership that now sits at 3,400.

We live and breathe HubSpot and love watching our clients (small businesses up to enterprise level companies) grow and outpace the competition using this software and the inbound marketing methodology.  

While your business wants and needs to use HubSpot, you also need a skilled inbound marketing team on your side to get the most out of the software and to truly turn on that lead pipeline. HubSpot is a global movement because it works, learn how your business can become a product of the world's biggest marketing influencer right here in Niagara
Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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