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How To Be Successful At Remote Sales

Working from home has become the new normal for big and small companies across the world, and for some of us, remote work may be more permanent than we originally thought possible.

Many businesses are adopting blended WFH and office work styles, but for those of us who remain remote, we hope these few tips and tricks for success will leave your team motivated and productive.


There are several benefits to digital sales when it comes to working remotely; productivity software, communication and messaging systems, and organization applications have been around for years, but has your team been utilizing them to the fullest?

When we closed our office doors at H&C Inc. and resumed business online, we knew that the tools we needed to maintain our productive rhythm were right at our fingertips. In other words, it was time to optimize the utilization of the shared staff calendar, CRM and task management tools, and streamline our internal communication with our existing messaging app. 

Communicating with your team in “The Cloud”
A shared calendar with a weekly outlook keeps our team prepared for each meeting and call. Our application of choice? Google Suite. This cloud-based platform allows our team to make edits in real-time to important documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In addition, our shared calendar with a weekly outlook keeps us connected and prepared for each meeting and call.

Connecting with your Customer Relationship Management System
If you ask us, the best way to keep your contacts, correspondence and analytics is in one place - your CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a true game changer when it comes to working from home.

As a proud Hubspot Partner, we rely daily on its intuitive marketing and sales software. This CRM tool is truly there to guide you through each step of the sales funnel and for each conversion that we enter into our system, we receive alerts to our sales team to ensure that no contact is ignored. Hubspot offers a full stack of software, with free and premium plans to perfectly fit the needs of your organization - we definitely recommend exploring this CRM!

Compile your team’s projects in one easy Task Management System
It’s extremely important to be mindful of deadlines and project phases - especially when you aren’t connecting with your team face-to-face. At H&C Inc. we are powered by Asana, an amazing productivity solution that separates projects into phases and allows tasks to be managed by specific teams.

Oh - and did we mention how great it feels to click off the check mark on a task? Almost as good as crossing off a list on paper! 

Ongoing communication with your team is key
At H&C Inc. we leave our email inboxes open for client communication, and when it comes to keeping connected with  our team, we rely heavily on the messaging application Slack. 

Messaging systems allow you to connect with your own team, whether it’s in a direct message or in groups. It’s extremely important to maintain daily communication and collaboration with your team. Set up meetings, discuss goals, swap ideas, and show your support.

H&C Pro Tip: A messaging system amongst colleagues is also a great place to share your latest WFH shuffle for a laugh with your colleagues! 

navigating online communication with your customers

We all have our preferred ways of communicating with our clients.

Whether that’s a Google Hangout, Zoom call or using a landline… It's pretty easy these days to find out what is easiest for everyone, and download a new piece of software to start your discussions. 

H&C Pro Tip: Don’t wait until 5 minutes before your meeting to start downloading a new app. Figure out the basics of video, sound, screen sharing, and presentation mode to ensure a seamless meeting experience on both sides! 

h&C inc. pro tips for success

In addition to productivity solutions with software and apps, it’s important to understand how to stay motivated and energetic while working from home. Here are a few tips and tricks that our team has found helpful during our time working remotely: 

Ensure your workspace is free of distractions - yes, this includes dogs, cats and kids although sometimes a visit from your child or pet can be exactly what you need to activate a different perspective when working through a project.

Be mindful of your workspace background - before your next video meeting, take a quick scan behind you to make sure your background is clean and professional for your audience.

Prepare questions in advance - video conferences and phone meetings can sometimes be tough to start organic conversations. Combat those awkward pauses with notes and questions for your customers.

Respond with context - even if that takes you off course of what you’ve prepared! You’re having a conversation, not conducting a survey.

And when in doubt... Smile and listen - we’re all working from home, and sometimes that can come with unexpected bumps in the road. Just smile, listen and be understanding.

We’re all adjusting to this new normal together!

Krystyn Symsyk

AUTHOR: Krystyn Symsyk

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