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Our marketing performance as a digital agency

It is typical for me to have many meetings per month to chat with business owners from all over the world and to spend my days feeling like I am flying from priority to priority. It is also typical that 75% of the people that I talk to come from digital leads on our website. Many people find this hard to believe, I would challenge that those people have a fundamental misunderstanding of where the business world is heading. Not only is it possible, it is f*cking awesome.

I often wonder if people quite understand the impact of the Hughes & Co. team, I hear objections like: "Can you really get us that much business?" or "Our company will not be able to find opportunity online." How can I show those people that they are wrong and that the secret to their next big boom is using a tool they have and don't know how to deploy properly?

I am a little frustrated this morning after trying to prove value and realizing I am spinning my tires with a company so dead set on the traditional route that they will never know the beauty of engaging an agency like ours. So I am sharing some metrics from our agency performance. I do this to give perspective and also to demonstrate why we focus on particular areas. This strategy is one we have full control over, and look at those results for a team of 14 with no dedicated sales force. This is more new opportunity that we can handle.


Traffic and Contacts

Traffic and Contacts.png

The above image shows you exactly how much website traffic we have so far in July 2017. This is not a jaw-dropping number, we don't aim for it to be. We have made very specific goals about visitor qualification. This means that website traffic in general is a vanity stat that we don't care about. We care about WHO is finding our website. Are they going to convert, will they give us their information, will they raise their hand and say "we want to do business with you"? If yes, we want them. We work hard to get them.

The second statistic is the number of people that have raised their hand. This month, so far, that is 73 people. This gives us a conversion rate of 7.5% for our website in general. Our landing page performance hovers around 50% depending on the offer. Some quick research will show you that these conversion rates are above average.

So this month, in July alone, we have added 73 opportunities to our pipeline and have had 966 people visit our website. Our stat is 43.97% up on website traffic because we committed to more frequent social posting this month with the addition of Adam to our team. Adam has been given Hughes & Co. as one of his retainer clients and our marketing is benefitting greatly while Adam learns the ins and outs of an inbound strategy on a site that is built to perform.


Closed Deals


Can you believe we're showing you this? My staff can't either. But this is our sales performance this month. We took out the actual revenue number because it is none of your business, but we left the incremental climb. We closed deals that we started in June, our July prospects will have to wait to actually start up with the agency because we've filled our book and are hiring (find our job postings here). What I want to illustrate is that this sales chart is with our digital lead gen exclusively. As in, all of this revenue is coming from our website and digital strategy.

I suppose that these informal musings are often the result of a frustrating day, but truly, you should see this and understand that you can do better than throwing up a brochure and hoping for the best. You deserve to work less to get new business and to make more money on every deal. Stop the boring race to the bottom and grow into the opportunities that your business should be getting. You're worth it.

Allie Hughes

AUTHOR: Allie Hughes

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