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New to HubSpot: Efficiency like never before

The marketing industry is moving a mile a minute, which is why it is critical to keep on top of the latest trends. Not only does it help us to keep ahead of the competition but it is the standard expected by our clients. So, how do we do it? Our partnership with HubSpot keeps us at the top of our game in the marketing realm at home in Niagara and internationally. Members of our leadership team attended Inbound 2019 in Boston to bring us the news of all the latest tools that we can’t get enough of.

A better app marketplace

HubSpot has made its app marketplace a better and more useful space for app users and developers. Utility is key here with more apps and better accessibility to app information that helps users make informed decisions. Finding apps is easier than ever with hand-curated selections of apps for different types of users. All of these changes make it easier for app developers to become discovered giving everyone a reason to love HubSpot even more.

We’re doing more than ever before with HubSpot

HubSpot’s latest features are helping us to move faster and give our clients more. We’re quicker with drop-and-drag templates for email and web pages and we’re more organized with HubSpot's new contact merging capabilities. We also love the new option to organize workflows into folders which allows us to keep organized while delivering complex workflows to our clients. Organization is an agency priority and now it is easier than ever to keep our eye on the prize.

HubSpot and Facebook Messenger are a match made in heaven

Combining the most popular consumer platforms with an already loved CRM system is both a natural and strategic move for HubSpot. We love any feature that allows us (and you, our clients) to connect with consumers in a way they like to connect with businesses. Not only will it be easier to manage new connections between Facebook Messenger and Hubspot, but it will also allow for a simplified transition for all members of our team to be caught up on communication and support our clients even better.

Email and ad tools at an unbeatable price - FREE

Contact management and email marketing don’t have to be out of reach for small businesses. HubSpot makes its tools more accessible with up to 2,000 free emails per month and up to $1,000 of ad spend over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tracking all in one space. If you’re new to marketing or you’re unsure if you need a CRM for your marketing efforts, HubSpot is making it easier than ever to fall in love with the simplicity of a contact management system.

This extensive list just outlines the new and improved features of HubSpot, not to mention the tried-and-true features we love and use in our everyday marketing. If you’re ready to dive in to some of the tools that make us better at serving you, give us a call to start managing your marketing better than ever before.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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