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Mother's Day Amid a Pandemic

Mother's Day is fast approaching and the 2020 celebration is unprecedented. How do we celebrate Mom, who has undoubtedly been holding the household together, amidst a global pandemic?

Beyond that, our agency is considering how we position our clients who rely on this holiday as a significant revenue driver. What has traditionally been a fairly simple marketing strategy has become a complex problem that requires innovative thinking. That is where we are going to dig in, though we've loaded up the end of this post with some gift ideas for all the Moms out there, some of those linked out to the client family we are working with to create new revenue streams to keep themselves afloat.

Going digital amidst a pandemic

One of the most exciting trends that we see emerging amidst this pandemic is the local-first narrative that has consumers rushing to support the businesses in their own backyard ahead of major retailers. The local support inspires a lot of confidence in the ability for our small business communities across the country to rebound from these challenging circumstances. This does present a challenge, though, in that many of our favourite small retailers have closed doors, both physically and digitally, making support a challenge. Here are some strategies that we have seen help:

  • Using Instagram as a true marketplace, listing limited availability items to create demand and urgency and documenting the loving fulfillment of those orders with gratitude at the forefront;
  • Setting up a rapid deployment e-commerce solution that permits consumers to have products shipped directly to their door (talk to our friends at Intuitive Shipping to make this a snap!);
  • Create a live shopping experience with your customers through your social channels to make an interactive event out of your digital footprint (the Shannon Passero team did this last week to incredible results!);
  • Communicate with your community to remind them why they love your brand and seek their support through uncertain times, you will be surprised at how excited people are to help you thrive (for inspiration here, head over to the @cheekbonebeauty Instagram page. It is amazing to see this community rally around a brand they love).

Barriers to digital

Of course, there is a level of uncertainty, even anxiety, that is blanketing the business community right now. We are in business, too, we feel the unease reverberating throughout industries and these challenging and uncharted waters are making moves difficult. We understand. What is good, though, is that for the first time you have the time to invest in making something happen for your business with a marketing push or a move into the digital space. The most common objections to taking a business online that we hear, are not issues right now:

  • I don't have the time;
  • I can't dedicate hours that I could be selling to doing this;
  • My inventory would be a nightmare;
  • It is too hard to learn how to use these tools.

And there are some other benefits to taking this on right now. Amongst them is that our favourite e-commerce platform (an industry best-in-class tool, made in Canada!), Shopify, is offering three months for FREE. It has never been easier to make the leap. 

We know that motivation is hard to come by, so join us in a chat on our website, send us an Instagram DM, ask for our advice or just engage with us and ask about strategy points in general. Now more than ever, we just want to help. Speaking of, here are some ideas for the mama's on your list this Mother's Day, if you know of a shop that sells these items, send us a note and we'll add a link to this post!


Here are our top ten gift ideas with the realities of isolation.

  • A journal and beautiful pen. Keeping a diary during these times is what history is made of, and a healthy outlet for emotions;
  • Technology. Help connect her with friends and family in a new way, play some brain-stimulating games, give her an e-reader to grow her library, or a gift a Google Home with some Spotify playlists of her favourite artists;
  • Flowers are still a great gift! They bring life and colour and a smile when you see them. And many local florists are still available for doorstep deliveries;
  • A birdhouse or feeder. Whether you have a backyard, a balcony or a window to look out of, a reason to get outside to top up a feeder and watch its visitors and a way to encourage more nature outside your window is a great gift;
  • Meals. Anyone else tired of cooking every meal every day? Send your mom everything she would need for a mother’s day brunch or a full-course dinner, and don’t forget her favourite snacks;
  • Subscriptions. There are product boxes from beauty to cooking, or magazines (ahem, who said print is dead?);
  • A new coffee maker. What I wouldn’t give for a barista-made coconut milk latte;
  • Shower and bath products. This will inspire maintaining a healthy hygienic routine and a bit of self-care that is always a good idea;
  • Footwear, whether your mom is a walker, runner or gardener, or slippers are her choice, a fresh pair will be a treat;
  • New leisurewear, am I right? This is one of the fastest growing e-commerce categories internationally at the moment!
Krystyn Symsyk

AUTHOR: Krystyn Symsyk

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