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How to make your LinkedIn successful

Recently we have been talking about the importance of being connected to your audience, about engaging with them and using the feedback to improve the way you serve your customers. A great place to do this (especially for B2B companies) is on LinkedIn. We have already talked about why you need LinkedIn, and today we’re going to talk about how to use LinkedIn effectively for the most impact.

Creating high-level content because quality still matters

The standard of quality content on you other social media platforms should also set the bar for your LinkedIn content. Some people believe that a business-to-business platform doesn’t need the flashy design work and creative content and those people are wrong. You are marketing to fellow professionals and business, you should be going all in with your content. Behind every company’s LinkedIn account is someone that needs to be enticed to click on your page.

Fill out your business profile completely

There is nothing worse than going onto a business’s website and only being able to find half the information you need. This is no different for your LinkedIn profile. Help people find your company and understand what you do with high-level descriptions of your business and custom buttons that link directly to your website. Not only is this helpful for your profile visitors understand your business, but it also helps visitors to trusting your business when they see you investing time into making your profile page complete and pleasing.

Incorporate keywords into your LinkedIn page

Search engine optimization for more than just your website. Your company description is a great place to use keywords relevant to your business. You can also boost your company’s LinkedIn profile page by sharing relevant content that uses similar keywords. All of this content will appear on your public page which will help to show search engines what you’re all about. This way when a potential customer is researching online for a service or product your business provides, your LinkedIn page will rank higher than your competitors.

Keep posting consistent by resharing old content

When you post on LinkedIn, you’re not fighting the algorithms seen on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This means 100% of your LinkedIn followers have the opportunity to see your content. While it’s unlikely everyone will see your content, you can take advantage of this algorithm-free system by posting frequently and resharing well-performing older content to keep the posts coming. And remember, your content is not a one-and-done kind of deal. If it performed well in the past, it can still perform well again in the future. The key is using evergreen content to keep your business looking and feeling relevant.

LinkedIn is a valuable asset for connecting with your audience and being found online. Our advice? Use it. It’s a free and navigable tool that can help your marketing efforts and reach your target audience. Now that you know why and how to use LinkedIn get started today, or connect with a marketing agency like H&C Inc. to manage it for you. Take the stress out of social media when you work with a full-service marketing agency. Contact us today to get started.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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