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H&C Inc. Announced as AOR for Prestige Hospitality Group

THOROLD, Jan. 17, 2019 - Niagara-on-the-Lake based hospitality group, Lais Hotel Properties Ltd., has confirmed a new agency relationship, designating H&C Inc. as their creative agency of record for 2019.

H&C Inc. will handle the visual and content based creative in support of Lais Hotel Properties Ltd. and their large hospitality portfolio which includes the following distinguished properties:

Vintage Hotels

  • Prince of Wales
  • Queens Landing
  • Pillar & Post

Niagara's Finest Hotels

  • Harbour House
  • Charles Inn
  • Shaw Club


Parlour Inn 

Inn on the Twenty + Jordan Village

Lais Hotel Properties Ltd. is the latest client win for H&C Inc., which celebrates seven years of operation in June 2019. The agency's client roster also includes John Deere, The Goodman School of Business, CAA, Colliers, and more. They have quickly climbed to be the largest Niagara based agency, serving a client portfolio that extends across North America, the EU and Australia.

"At H&C Inc., we believe strongly that great marketing lies at the intersection of creativity and analysis," noted H&C Inc. CEO, Allie Hughes. "These established hospitality brands are rich with elegance, whimsy and imagination. We are thrilled with the opportunity!"

For further information: Alex Blackadder, H&C Inc., 289-434-5370 |

Work completed to date and available to view:





Alex Blackadder

AUTHOR: Alex Blackadder

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