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Bundling up: getting all your marketing services from the same place

You’re bundling up your home and car insurance, you’re bundling up your phone and internet services, so why aren’t you bundling up marketing services? If you bundle for the convenience and efficiency of getting a variety of services all from a single provider, you’re going to love working with a full-service marketing agency with content, photography, digital strategy and more all at the click of a button. What happens when you bundle your marketing services at one great marketing agency? Here are just a few benefits:

Everything remains on brand

Your brand is your business’s identity and it should shine through in everything you do. Your branding is at its strongest when it is clear and constant across your business assets. When you house all of your marketing in one place, you know that you brand mission and vision will remain consistent across your written content, photography, website design, print material and more. Your marketing team has the flexibility to collaborate, provide feedback to one another and assess how each decision contributes to your business’s identity.

On the same level, each business asset will be focused on the message you want your brand to present, rather that attempting to form fit assets from one marketing team to the marketing efforts of another. Get clean and uniform branded content in one convenient location.

Simplified communication

Is there anything worse from going to meeting to meeting and feeling like you had no time to accomplish your own unending tasks at the end of the day? This feeling can be avoided when all your marketings needs can be discussed in a single meeting with your account manager. Instead of relaying the same message and branding decisions to different service providers, simply connect with your account manager and let them do the rest of the communication to their team.

When you consolidate all of your marketing needs under one full-service marketing agency, you can even request a meeting to sit down with your account manager, agency photographer, graphic designer and digital strategist all at once to develop a comprehensive plan that best fits your brand and makes you feel confident with your business’s marketing direction. Save time and have peace of mind that your ideas are being heard and understood when all of your assets come from one great agency.

Timely coordination

As experts, we know your marketing strategy consists of many moving parts that all depend on one another to come together into a successful campaign. A full-service marketing agency can orchestrate a marketing calendar to ensure all of your projects run smoothly, on-time and reach completion in the right order. Don’t put your projects on hold as you wait for the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Let your marketing agency coordinate all of the complex parts to keep your content creation, web development and more all on schedule.

Whether your running a business or managing a company’s public perception, your time is limited and valuable. Make the most of your workday while receiving high-quality and consistent marketing materials when you consolidate all of your assets into one full-service marketing agency. At H&C Inc., our team collaborate to deliver a unified brand identity that you will be proud of. Let us create powerful marketing materials and strategies communicate your brand vision on time, every time.


Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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