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The agency is buzzing with excitement! Today, the official announcement of Allie Hughes' participation in The Atelier, a unique business conference for women in the heart of Niagara's wine country, is up! We are so excited to see our founder included in this line-up and we want to give you some details about the big event.

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Described as an energetic one-day event, The Atelier is in its inaugural year and promises industry leaders sharing stories and strategies for big take-aways and actionable info. With experience at the top of the priority list, co-founders Angela Osborne and Taryn Herritt have thoughtfully planned an Instagramable feast for the senses hosted at one of Niagara's most beautiful wineries, Ravine Vineyard. 

The event will feature Team Jilly (Jillian Harris' team of digital media and lifestyle brand mavens) Tori Wesszer, Shay Merritt, Mindy Crawford and Mackenzie Dempsey. We will also be mingling with the founders of Prince Edward County's June Motel, April Brown and Sarah Sklash. Other superwomen include Lauren McPhillips, Lexi Miles, Chanele MacFarlane, Gloria Roheim McRae, Nancy Osborne, Eva Redpath and Christal Agostino. Perhaps most exciting for Allie is the inclusion of Josie Dye! When Allie was studying broadcasting in Toronto, Josie was the noon-time host on the coolest radio station in town, Edge 102.1. Josie will be moderating the panel Allie will be speaking with, we are so excited to attend this event!

This event is already SOLD OUT, but we are sure you'll sneak some peaks on their Instagram day-of! We promise to share a wrap-up of the event where we dish on what we learned, what Allie shared, and who we met!

As always, keep up with Allie @thealliehughes on Instagram, and the event @theateliercollective!

Carly Snider

AUTHOR: Carly Snider

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