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5 Reasons to get professional headshots done

Professional headshots are not just for the entertainment business, they’re functional for professionals in any line of work. Headshots are an investment in your personal brand and can help to establish you as a leader in your industry. As much as we hate to admit it, we’re constantly being judged in the professional space. Presenting yourself professionally, whether it’s on social media, your website or your blog is critical to how people perceive you. A great headshot can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, even before you’ve met your audience in person. Not convinced? Here are five reasons you need to get your professional headshots taken (or even just updated):

LinkedIn Profile

As a business professional, a business owner or CEO, you should be actively using your LinkedIn to share your industry knowledge and participate in important discussions about your field. LinkedIn is an amazing tool for professionals to access resources, meet others in the same field and showcase yourself as a leader in your industry. But, you’ve already learned that from our previous post. Presenting yourself as a professional on LinkedIn in much easier when you have a professional headshot for your profile photo. When you have a low-quality profile photo or no photo at all (yikes!), your followers and readers will be less likely to take you seriously as a professional. So pop your corporate headshot in there to create a well-rounded profile page.

Speaking engagements and media opportunity

If you’re often asked to present at speaking engagements or have upcoming media opportunities, professional headshots are a must. More often than not, your event host will ask you for a headshot to use in their marketing material and a media station will request a headshot before television opportunities. Having the right assets on hand and ready to go will keep you from missing valuable engagements and opportunities that get you and your business noticed.

Website team showcase

Adding a team showcase to your website can humanize your brand and help your consumers feel like they’re doing business with real people and not just a robot on a computer screen. Team showcases include things like work experience, likes and dislikes, quirky facts, but most importantly a photograph. People are far more drawn to images than text, so including headshots to your team showcase page will go a long way in keeping people reading the webpage. Bonus points to you if all your team headshots are done in a similar style. We recommend booking the same photographer for all of your team headshots to keep the style consistent.

Your byline

We promise we’re not going to talk about the importance of blogging again, but we will encourage you to read about it if you missed our latest posts about the value of your blog. An often neglected part of your blog post is your byline. A byline tells your audience who is offering this valuable information and can also help readers find more content by the same author. If your website allows for a photograph in your byline, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your readers via a headshot.

Helps people feel like they know you even before your first meeting

No matter how you choose to use your headshot (we recommend all four uses listed above), your headshot plays a valuable role in establishing a connecting with other even before you meet them. First off, it shows that you’re a professional in your line of work and a smiling headshot shows that you’re approachable. Knowing what you look like can help ease some of the nerves that come with a first meeting whether it be for on-boarding or an interview. Establishing a level of connection before an initial meeting can help people feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Corporate headshots have so many valuable uses that help to propel you and your business towards success. When you have a high-quality, professional headshot ready to go, you know you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience whether it be through a computer screen, on television or before a speaking engagement. Present your best self with professional headshots by the experts at H&C Inc. We offer in-house headshots to create an enjoyable experience and high-quality results. Connect with us today to be prepared for your next opportunity.

Grace Howes

AUTHOR: Grace Howes

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